Monday, August 3, 2009

An interview with Revolutionary Muni Tarun Sagarji

Munishree Tarunasagarji Maharaj, the Digambara Jain Saint, is called as the Revolutionary Saint as he is known for hard - hitting discourses. He is the first Saint to address the Nation from the premises of Red Fort in Delhi.

The following is the excerpts from the interview:

Why are you called the Revolutionary Saint?
Religion itself is a revolution. We are a miniscule part of this universe. Revolution is the important means to achieve progress in the country. But I am not propagating a blood revolution. My ideas for social and intellectual reforms are being dubbed as revolutionary. I am striving to bring together the factions of Jain community — Digambaras, Sthanakvasis, idol worshippers and Thera Panth — under one banner and I believe, I will succeed.

Why revolutionary discourse? What does it mean?
Earlier, I used to deliver discourses in soft, sweet and pleasing tones. But the listeners treated them as lullabies and forgot. There is a need for words, which can whip them up from deep slumber. Only harsh truth should be told by the Minister to his King, by a doctor to his patient and by a Saint to the society. You Mysoreans have been feeding the Nation the sweet Mysore Pak. I have come here to give you a taste of “Neem Pak” the other taste of sweetness, because too much sweet causes diabetes.

Why are the principles of peace and sacrifice of Bhagawan Bahubali not accepted universally? Why is Bahubali projected as the God of Jain community alone?
The saying “Open mind is the abode of God” is as true as the saying “Idle mind is devil's workshop”. Bhagawan Bahubali is standing in the open with an open mind. Bahubali does not belong to Jain community alone. But the Jain community has not attempted to effectively project Bahubali universally. That is why Bahubali is the hero in my discourses.
The masses have not understood Bahubali correctly. A man needs five years to become rich, 15 years to become a scholar, 10 years to become a doctor or engineer and 20 years to become a scientist. But to become a Yuga Purusha (man of destiny) like Bahubali it takes thousands of years of Sadhana (efforts). Bahubali's principles are tough. Karnataka Government should strive to include the statue of Bahubali at Shravanabelagola in eight wonders of the world and show to the world what Bahubali means.

What are the main differences between Shwethambaras and Digambaras? Why the Jain community, the propagators of peace, has two factions?
All the five fingers are not equal in size. Similarly, there are different practices and thinking in the community — which has a history of thousands of years. My discourse also aims at bringing these factions together.